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Birthdate:May 23
Location:Indiana, United States of America
Once upon a time in a land far away, a charming fairy tale began. A baby princess was born and she was gifted with great beauty and a voice of a nightingale. She was also betrothed to the prince who would later become her one true love, very fortunate for her. The precious little princess was given one final gift – a curse.

A prick of a finger before sunset on her sixteenth birthday spelled death for the princess. But three meddlesome fairies interfered and hid the princess in an attempt to save her, but in a fairy tale evil does have it's due, and the princess did prick her finger and fell into eternal slumber.

Enter the hero of our tale. Prince Phillip armed with with a sword of truth ans shield of virtue did battle and with true loves' kiss proved that true love conquered all and brought a happily ever after to our tale.

But truth depends on the teller. Facts can be twisted and remade and a sword that kills a dragon, can be dressed as a lie. Happily ever after is nothing more than a child's story.

The Mistress of all evil lives.

This is an RP page for musing ways and only meant for entertainment.

Interests (10):

billowing robes, creepy castles, dragons, enchanted staffs, forbidden moutains, goons, magic, ravens, ruining happily ever afters, spinning wheels
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